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Miracle: When anything YOU believe impossible, becomes possible Jane G. Doyle


The passionate goal of my book, EXPECT YOUR MIRACLE…S!, and the YouHealYou™ foundation is to inspire people to redirect their thinking and actions so that they can heal themselves.

Once I realized I could heal myself by creating my personalized healing formula, or unique prescription for wellness, I began to expect miracles.  And once I started living my miracles, I became The Inspirer.

YouHealYou™ has developed several strategies to help motivate people.  It is our intent to inspire others to:

• Believe anything is possible by presenting a varied collection of miraculous healing stories in my book, EXPECT YOUR MIRACLE…S! (expected publication 2014);

• Exchange ideas on the miracle forum; 

• Heal themselves by sponsoring  YouHealYou™ self care workshops.  Launched in the Fall of 2013, these events showcase techniques that have been proven to help others successfully take control of their wellness and heal. The next YouHealYou workshop is shown below:

Cheers to miracles and you healing you!